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Sometimes we discover that we just plain want to hang on porn. We want to be passive and put the responsibility of moving forward on someone else. But it's time to make a decision.

In Episode 66, I asked the question, "Do you really want to fix this?"

This episode struck a nerve with the audience. I received more email then I ever have before. Some guys were worried I was quitting podcasting. Several guys thought my sharp comments were directly at them. And many more shared the action they were taking as a result from this show.

So I thought I would go deeper into what set me off. It's the passive will and a failure to take responsibility.

In this episode, you'll learn:

- The quote that almost got me in a fight
- What we discover about our struggle
- What the passive will is
- About the decision we must make
- What it means to decide

"Sometimes we discover that we just plain want to hang on to the sinful behavior, and some of us even have to face the fact that we then hope to blame God for not "healing" us. We see right away when we are dealing with a passive will, someone who looks lumpishly to a counselor or minister of God to do what only he himself can do. All such things as these come to the fore, along with the memories of where the heart opened itself to envy, bitterness, lust and so on. Then in full confession of our sins of God, we acknowledge our rank foolishness and our propensities to pride and rebellion, and we make a decision about sin."

- Leanne Payne, The Healing Presence

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