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Guys often see relapse as an event where a bottom-line behavior in engaged in. In this scenario recovery is measured by the absence of relapse events.

It's more helpful to see relapse as a state that we can easily enter in and out of based on our thoughts and actions. It's full of hiding, unsound activities, and unhealthy living.

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We celebrate episode 300 of Porn Free Radio with the return of Dr. Benjamin Hardy, author of Be Your Future Self Now.

In this episode you'll learn about your "Future Self" and how you can leverage this powerful concept in your recovery today.

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In this SUPER-SIZED episode, I'm hitting the Porn Free Radio mailbag and answering questions like... How do I watch TV during recovery? What can you do to guard yourself against temptation? Do you recommend any good books on forming good habits? What wisdom can you share with struggling teens? All this and more.

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