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Organizational psychologist and bestselling author, Dr. Benjamin Hardy, joins Porn Free Radio today.

On this episode, we'll discuss the most empowering and healthy way to measure yourself from his new book with Dan Sullivan, The Gap and the Gain.

If you get this concept it will lead to more happiness and fulfillment in your life and your recovery.

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The Porn Free Radio Podcast Network presents the 2021 NFL Preview Show with Vern Tompke, Kris Pavone, and your host Matt Dobschuetz.

Join three coaches for special PFR episode about our shared passion, NFL football.

If you’re not an American football fan, you might just be after you listen to this episode!

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Recently, a client of mine noticed a pattern. The day after a relapse he would have more clarity about his life and recovery. He would be aware of his feelings and some immediate actions he needed to take. Often he would feel prompted to reach out to another guy in his recovery group.

All of these were positive benefits. So he asked the question, “How do I relapse without relapsing?”

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This is the final episode of a four-part series on belief systems that can block our freedom. BS for short. Did you think I meant something else?

On this episode, we examine the outside-in belief that your happiness is determined by your life conditions.

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