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Being sick brings many situations that can lead to slips.

For example, feeling fatigued, out of routine, being alone, bored, entitlement, need to rest, entertainment/browsing, no exercise etc.

In this episode, we talk about the tools we can use to get better without relapsing.

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In this classic PFR episode, I share the 12 commitments that led to mastery in my journey to quit porn.  Originally published January 24, 2018.

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New to PFR... its our PUNK episodes.  A four-part coaching series.

Part 4 is reducing the effort and sacrifice required. It takes less work to succeed than to fail!

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The Porn Free Radio Podcast Network presents the 2023 NFL Preview Show with Vern Tompke, Aaron W., Matt “The Dobber” Dobschuetz and your host, Sammy D (Sam Dobschuetz.) 

Join three coaches for our third annual episode about our shared passion, NFL Football.

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