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In PFR 242 – How To Avoid A Big Crash, I share recovery insights from a career pilot. To protect his anonymity and security clearance I referred to him as “Major X.”

The main takeaway was how successful pilots avoid crash landings. Hint: it's all about their approach.

“A stable approach usually leads to a good landing, while an unstable approach often leads to a bad landing. ” — Major X

Well Major X is back, in person this time, with more recovery wisdom from flying.

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This episode is all about the tipping point in recovery.

The tipping point is the point at which a series of small steps becomes significant enough to cause a large more significant change.

Coach and podcaster, Vern Tompke, joins Porn Free Radio this episode.

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If we define addiction as "an extreme version of a habit." Then recovery is the process where we transform our habits.

But what new habits do we need to create to get free?

In this episode, I will show you how to identify the areas that drive our cravings and porn use. Then how to map new habits for greater freedom.

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