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“What we call personality,” Steve Chandler writes. “Is just a history of habits.”

Fixed beliefs about who we are can block us from making the commitments that lead to transformation.

On this episode, Sam Dobschuetz joins Matt to discuss.

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Do you struggle making time for self care? Do you suck at being creative? In this classic episode of Porn Free Radio, we break down 15 self care habits that take 5 minutes of less.

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I asked a group of coaching clients recently, "what is your weakest link in your recovery?"

Answers ranged from objectifying women to old iPads, from social media to working at home alone. Even feelings like rejection and entitlement were part of the mix.

On this episode, I'll explain what's behind these weak links and how to eliminate them

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Sam Dobschuetz joins Porn Free Radio for a super-sized episode. In this show, you'll learn Matt's 17 Porn Free Pro Tips.

These powerful tips will help you level up your recovery. Many are brand new ideas. (#16 is a game changer IMHO.)

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