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Hope Ray returns to Porn Free Radio today and asks Matt the questions partners want to know. 

Questions like: What do you teach men about accountability?  When should guys make out reach calls? What kind of attitude should guys have about being honest and vulnerable? What's the power of men connecting in a group? Will groups always be necessary? Does recovery for men ever getting easier? And more.

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Drew Boa from Husband Material, is sitting in on Porn Free Radio today. He shares how understanding your sexual fantasies can lead to greater freedom in recovery.

Drew is professional coach and podcaster who helps men outgrow pornography. He the author of Redeemed Sexuality and host of the Husband Material Podcast. Drew lives in Santa Barbara, California with his wife and two kids.

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Hope Ray, is sitting in on Porn Free Radio today and answering questions porn free men ask about their partners.

Questions like: How can I build the skill of ongoing honesty if any confession is interpreted as betrayal? What can I do if my partner is uncomfortable with me being involved or leading a recovery group? And more.

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We often think Summer is a time for kicking back and taking it easy. But that kind of thinking flows towards our weaknesses.

Building on PFR 282 - Reframing Summer, how can we create some fun growth opportunities this season?

In this podcast: 10 Ideas To Electrify Your Summer designed to challenge and inspire you to action.

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