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It’s another EPIC PFR crossover podcast. This time with Vern Tompke from Finding Traction. 

In this episode we talk about hope for two types of guys:

  1. A guy new to recovery and
  2. A guy who's been at recovery a while, but has only experienced mixed success. For him doubts are starting to creep in.

Whether you relate to one guy or the other, I share with you 5 ways to get more hope in your recovery.

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In PFR episode 307, we looked at problematic porn use through Dr. Robert Vallerand's passion framework.

Dr. Vallerand proposes two types of passion; obsessive passion and harmonious passion.

When letting go obsessive passions it is necessary to cultivate harmonious ones. On this show we talk about how to find your harmonious passions.

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Sam Dobschuetz, cohost of Coffee with the Dobber and the 2 Ramblers Podcast, joins PFR this week. On this episode, we discuss looking at problematic porn use through a passion framework. We compare the two types of passion proposed by Dr. Robert Vallerand (Université du Québec à Montréal) and some takeaways for transforming your passions.

This was originally released as a Coffee with the Dobber, our exclusive podcast for contributors to PFR

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